Amy Ackley
Amy Ackley lives in Brighton, Michigan with her husband an an assortment of high
maintenance animals, including three daughters. She continues to write fiction for young
adults and enjoys speaking with readers at schools, libraries and community events.

Amy Ackley, a Michigan native, earned a B.S. in Human Resource Development from Oakland
University and an M.S.A. in Human Resource Administration from Central Michigan
University. She wore a variety of career hats (court clerk, flight attendant, labor relations
specialist and substitute teacher, to name a few), while simultaneously writing fiction, her
passion since childhood.
About the Author
Twitter: @amyackley73
Ackley's debut novel, Sign Language, was drawn from the loss of her father to cancer when
she was a teen. In June 2010,
Sign Language won the first Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award
for Young Adult Fiction, and was published by Viking Juvenile in August 2011.